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Expedited delivery

There are not impossible tasks for our logisticians! Must the cargo be at the location yesterday? We will discharge an optimal delivery method in the individual order.


The supply chain arrangement

Our aim is to supply as quickly as possible and with guarantee. Air-, auto-, railway, on the sea – we construct the logical chain by reference to your requests, specials aspects of cargo and budget.


Any kinds of freight traffic

Delivering cargo of different volume and weight is possible, plus single delivery of large stores from an enterprise. No limitations!


Consultations of logisticians

Do you want to know about your possibilities? Delivery speed? Price? Get the full free consultations by phone or online.

Why should you choose us?

You will receive relevant documentation and electronic notifications to confirm the dispatch and delivery of your shipment. We have packaging and insurance services in place to prevent any damage to your goods during shipment. You will never need to worry about your parcel getting misplaced or going missing. We employ only skilled professionals who will make sure that your most valuable items reach their destination intact.

Wherever you are, you can track your shipment by simply following tracking shipment link. In addition, our customer support professionals are available to answer any queries you may have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Postex Service is a new-generation logistics service that makes it possible to deliver your goods to any destination around the world in the timeliest manner. We have every available means of transport in place along with a vast network of partner companies worldwide and our logistics professionals work 24/7 to ensure the speediest delivery of your goods.

Our modern approach to shipping and the vast network of partners oversees allow us to offer our clients the best value for their money. With us, you will spend on average 10% less than you would with other logistics companies, while ensuring the highest quality of our services is our utmost priority.


Postex Service has been recently set up by the team of experts that are very experienced, have European education and more than 20 years working for world leader transport companies. Our ambitions for creating our own business are explained by desire to set the new quality standards, reliability and professionalism among transport companies. All you value in your partners and want from them you can find by working with us! Postex Service isn`t just a company, this is the company of united professionals, experts in their field who are committed into their business. Among the founders – business proprietaries in this field, executive officers who have worked for world largest companies and for home-produced companies which make carrying for the USA, Europa and Asia.


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