Supply chain management

supply chain management


Our company offers you the additional services on consolidation of goods at our warehouses in Prague and Kiev.

Consolidation is the ideal solution for your business.

This method is the most common when you are sending small parties from the different customers in the same direction. It can significantly reduce the cost of delivery because you have to pay only a fraction of the cost of delivery. Such type is the most suitable for the delivery of goods from online shops, and for small or trial consignment of large firms. Consolidation of large departure in one load is not excluded.

Postex Service takes full responsibility for registration of necessary documents including insurance and customs clearance in the organization of consolidation process. Our specialists are always in touch and help you and help you to get the most accurate and current information about the location and status of your goods.

Our employees are interested in the reliability of delivery of your parcel and freight, reduction of transportation and shipment costs that’s why we offer you the most optimal schemes and transportation routes. We work individually with each client, consider all your suggestions and remarks, strictly comply with all customs procedures, independently execute all accompanying documents in accordance with the laws of any country.

Сonsolidation has a number of advantages, namely:

  • The exact date of arrival of the goods
  • The exception of delays in the delivery
  • The fulfillment of all obligations of the company regards to safety of goods

The supply chain arrangement

Our aim is to supply as quickly as possible and with guarantee. Air-, auto-, railway, on the sea – we construct the logical chain by reference to your requests, specials aspects of cargo and budget.