Express transportation

Express transportation

In the 21st century we, like no one else, understand that the most important thing in doing business is an operational implementation of the objectives.

Ukraine is steadily coming up the world stage, that is why a growing number of our clients prefer to work with European countries. One of the key points of success is express delivery. I think, you are well familiar with that feeling when you need a shipment to be delivered «yesterday», clients are resenting, and you are under a deadline. By working with us, you can be sure that your shipment will be delivered to any place in Europe within the shortest possible time. Fast carrying out of orders is provided by us through coherence of transportation processes, effective building of logistics schemes and routes. Postex Service owns warehouses and offices in both Ukraine (Kyiv) and Czech Republic (Prague). For delivery of your goods, we use already established air- and auto- routes. Every client may choose whatever suits his finances. You can make an order in any European airport, and just in a few days it will be delivered to the receiver! Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine and in the EU zone by any known ways, such as: by air, auto and railroad transport, maritime transport, courier delivery.
Our specialists are continuously working on carrying your order out within the shortest time. Free counseling about the delivery terms and prices can be held in Kyiv or Prague. If you are in another city, you may reach out to us by phone or get help online.

  • POD (Proof of Delivery)

    You will receive relevant documentation and electronic notifications to confirm the dispatch and delivery of your shipment. We have packaging and insurance services in place to prevent any damage to your goods during shipment. You will never need to worry about your parcel getting misplaced or going missing. We employ only skilled professionals who will make sure that your most valuable items reach their destination intact.

  • Best possible delivery times

    Postex Service is a new-generation logistics service that makes it possible to deliver your goods to any destination around the world in the timeliest manner. We have every available means of transport in place along with a vast network of partner companies worldwide.

  • Track your shipment 24/7

    Wherever you are, you can track your shipment by simply following tracking shipment link. In addition, our customer support professionals are available to answer any queries you may have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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With the help of our calculator, you can quickly and clearly calculate the approximate cost of delivery of your cargo!

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