Consultations of logisticians


Consultations of logisticians

By working with our company, you get an assistance of the experts, who are interested in developing of your business. You will have opportunity to know everything about any 'painful' or disturbing issue, to receive qualified help and information about prices, delivery methods, routes, terms and processes of customs control.

We understand like no one other that satisfied client — this is the most important in the business, that is why we offer you the lowest rates and the highest quality! Most of our employees have received education or have an experience of working abroad, this mean that we know about all the details about registration of transport documents, comply all customs procedures strictly according to the laws of EU member countries.

Effective cooperation

Our employees are interested in the reliability of delivery of your parcel and freight, reduction of transportation and shipment costs that’s why we offer you the most optimal schemes and transportation routes. We work individually with each client, consider all your suggestions and remarks, strictly comply with all customs procedures, independently execute all accompanying documents in accordance with the laws of any country.

Our consulting services:

  • Supporting of your business with compliance of all laws and norms of valid legislation (excluding absolutely all delays, fines and confiscation of goods)
  • Auditing of delivery process, optimization of calculation process and customs fees payment, risks minimization;
  • Consultancy with experts in logistics area;
  • Insurance of your goods on beneficial terms, a safety guarantee;

Consultations of logisticians

Do you want to know about your possibilities? Delivery speed? Price? Get the full consultation by phone or online.

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