About us

About us

img25PostexService has been recently set up by the team of experts that are very experienced, have European education and more than 20 years working for world leader transport companies. Our ambitions for creating our own business are explained by desire to set the new quality standards, reliability and professionalism among transport companies. All you value in your partners and want from them you can find by working with us! PostexService isn`t just a company, this is the company of united professionals, experts in their field who are committed into their business. Among the founders – business proprietaries in this field, executive officers who have worked for world largest companies and for home-produced companies which make carrying for the USA, Europa and Asia.

We aren`t just your partners, we are those who will make your business profitable and thriving. Once you use our services, you will not want to address other companies.
PostexService has branches in Ukraine (Kiev) as well as in Europe (Czech Republic, Prague). Due to well-developed organizational system we are able to get our package in almost any EU airport, deliver to a warehouse in Prague, where our specialists will carry out all necessary legal and customs formalities in order the Recipient got your package on time.
We are professionals. This means that cooperating with us you have an ability to use any transport to deliver the most valuable and fragile goods.
The legal part of transportations is the main reason of deny of modern Ukrainian businessmen from the perspective of working with foreign buyers and suppliers. Trying to puzzle out endless legal terms, they’re become even more convinced that it is better to stand back, than to fail. That is why we have done our best in order to protect you and your goods. Contact us and you will receive information about which documents are needed to prepare, where to apply them, what are the deadlines you need to meet and what are the restrictions during export/import of goods to a particular country and also to insure the goods. We do everything possible to simplify and improve the shipping processes.


PostexService was set up by us in order to help the development of hundreds of Ukrainian companies, bring them to the international arena on level with foreign suppliers and provide them with true European standard. Protect them from overpayment and from unpredictable difficulties thousands of private clients, which order products abroad

Why should you choose us?

  • POD (Proof of Delivery)
  • Track your shipment 24/7
  • Best possible delivery times
  • Best solutions to your needs
  • Reasonable prices